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Fridge Magnets

It’s understandable why you’d want to use fridge magnets as a technique of advertising your company. By placing your business, brand, corporation, or message in the homes of your clients, you ensure that you are available to them when they need your goods or services.
Even better, fridge magnets are placed on the refrigerator, one of the most visible surfaces in one of the most used rooms in the house, the kitchen. Each member of a household visits the kitchen at least twice a day, with each visit including repeated visits to the refrigerator. This is assuming they just visit for meals.
This results in hundreds of monthly impressions and thousands of annual impressions for your company. Even more, your advertising is neither invasive nor intrusive, and it is even beneficial to your customers, making it welcome. Many consumers claim to have kept a single fridge magnet for more than five years, implying that that single fridge magnet has remained in prime advertising real estate over that time.
Fridge magnets are a very effective and trustworthy promotional tool since they have so much advertising possibilities for such a low price.
Depending on what is printed on them, fridge magnets come in a variety of forms. Many sectors and businesses gravitate towards a certain style in response to client needs and personal preferences.
The most common fridge magnet styles are calendar magnets and business card magnets. Professionals such as accountants, real estate companies, consultants, and law firms frequently order them. These businesses also use a lot of important number magnets.
MAPS Merchandise are the experts when it comes to fridge magnets. We know what works and what doesn’t in the fridge magnet industry. Fridge magnets are a great way to start promoting your business and leave a pleasant and lasting impression on your clients. Please contact our marketing or design teams for assistance if you need or want help on how to make fridge magnets work for your company. Alternatively, you can go through the various types of fridge magnets we have available for more particular information.
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