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Special Events

Branded promotional products are simply another method of promoting your brand, however, they are special because they are tangible, fun and have longevity and this makes them unique.

Have a quick look around your house and you will discover branded promotional products everywhere. Interestingly, if you test yourself, you will probably even remember where they were given to you and that is the beauty of using promotional products to promote your brand. When done well, they impart a message of quality, fun and purpose – all great reflections on your brand – but with the added bonus of longevity because long after a TV or Radio Ad has faded away or a Newspaper Ad has been recycled, branded promotional products are still being used and enjoyed.

MAPS Merchandise is a division of MAPS Marketing – Victoria’s leading and most experienced specialist school marketing and communications agency.  At MAPS, we provide visionary and enterprising schools with everything they need to present their brand to the community